In English

The Swedish Association for Terminology (Terminologifrämjandet in Swedish) is a not-for-profit organisation for terminology and language for specific purposes (LSP). The association was founded in 2018 at the same time as the Swedish Centre for Terminology (TNC) was closed down and was intended, according to its rules, “to work towards efficient communication with the use of specialised terminology in Swedish society”. Thus, the association has been primarily created as a meeting point for matters relating to terminology and LSP, and to focus in particular on the professional role of the terminologist. The organisation also aims to play an inspirational role in addition to organising events and debates from time to time!

The Swedish Association for Terminology is intended for anyone who has a genuine interest in language for specific purposes and terminology, such as professional terminologists, professional translators, language consultants, technical writers, business architects and computer scientists.

The Swedish Association for Terminology organises fairly regular webinars and seminars with invited speakers on terminological themes. The webinars are frequently also open to non-members, and a webinar is held in English roughly once every six months, with speakers from countries outside Sweden.